May 1, 2011

J'ai didnt veulent venir a' la maison!!

So I apologize for the short random and little information post the day before I left! haha But I went to Europe for a little girls trip with my Mom, Aunt and Cousin to drop her off for study abroad.  We had 5 days in Paris and 4 days in London, Most of which we spent traveling from place to place so we had little time to fit so much site seeing in! Paris was BEAUtiful but it was a little dirty and it was pretty apparent how much we wernt wanted there haha! London was my Favorite, It was very beautiful as well, people were much more friendly and the fashion there was so much more fun! haha I was actually surprised at how little style I saw in Paris.. Also the weather was much much much hotter than I expected and clearly packed for so.. I wasn't able to wear the majority of what I brought until we got to London haha But I took lots of pictures and tried to narrow it down to a few but clearly struggled haha also thanks so much for all the great packing advice! It was very helpful :)  

Our cute little boutique hotel Le Six
This gorgeous Church was just around the corner from where we were staying
Notre Dame 

 For my dad : )
 Such an awesome book store!
umm... yeah I dont know haha

 All the deserts there were always so pretty but werent always very tasty haha 
 Sacre Coeur

 The view from the top of Sacre Coeur
awwwe  Cute Mom : )
 There were sooooooo many people in Europe while we were there so we had to wait in many long lines, unfortunately the longest was the Eiffel Tower so we didn't go up : ( just baddd timing for this trip with the wedding and all hahha 

 Versailles was amazing!

 This was just the cleanest spot we could find to sit okay?! haha 

 So little spare time with all the site seeing we tried to fit in, so window shopping was the closest I got to shopping in France haha
 The Louvre

 hahahaha Too Many People!!

 It was so fun to sit and watch peoples reactions as they came around the corner and saw this one! hahahaha 
 The Arc
 If your American and are visiting France... DONT eat here! hahaha 

Yay London!!
 My Favorite Bakery we ate at : )
Helping Sami put together a blog before we drop her off!

 Bye Bye Sami Wami! Mwisss you!!

 I dont even know.. haha
 OH my this was so random, Like did we just have Utah tattooed on our foreheads or something? haha But I wasn't about to let this even more scandalous looking version of Paris hilton and Amy Winehouse get to us so I cheered them on and was snapping pictures, After I gave her a few thumbs up she flashed us her tattoo and flipped me off... HAHAHA 
Such and Amazing experience and Im hoping to Travel Back soon!!


  1. While I was in Paris I walked by that George V cafe everyday. I considered eating there once or twice but I'm glad I never did!

  2. beautiful pics ;) I can see you have fun in europe ;);)

  3. Wow, lovely trip its insane the amount of people taking pics of the Mona Lisa:)

  4. Best trip Nat! Miss you here in London! It's not the same without you!