March 31, 2011

Early Bird

If you couldn't already tell, I was in a rush this morning so get out the door! But Im going to start trying to get more posts up of my looks everyday! And going back through my quick shots this morning I noticed I was looking down in pretty much all of them hahaha. so I apologize! 
I was in a hurry to get to my early morning class with Kevin Murphy for my Salon, and I already new I wanted to wear something more sophisticated, so what better than something with shoulder pads and some killer heels!? But tried to keep it fun with a casual cross bag :) 
P.S We are now carrying the Kevin Murphy Product line and Im sure you will here me talk much more about it! Until then... if you don't here about it from me, Im sure you will read about it in Vogue or In Style. Super excited! Check it out! 

March 30, 2011

Alkemie Jewelry

Alkemie: the art of transforming something common into something precious.

 Ashley Lowengrub and Dara Gerson are a couple out of Los Angeles California and also the creators of this eco friendly jewelry line!
Their work is absolutely Amazing and so Unique!
I first stumbled across Alkemie last year on Free People and have been planning on ordering a couple things for some time now! So.. I know exactly where most of my next pay check is going to haha. 
Click Click Purchase! 

March 27, 2011

If I could take you away

Forever 21 one piece 
Jack Cardigan
Jeffery Campell Wedge
Vintage Gucci Watch
Rampage Bag
Coal Hat 

March 23, 2011

Style Stalker: Nicole Richie

  Nicole once loved bold colors — the more neon, the better. Hot yellows and pinks dominated her wardrobe in the early 2000s. Then, around 2005, everything changed. Nicole's style got sleeker, less colorful, more hippie-inspired. This change was probably thanks to then-stylist Rachel Zoe. Fur vests, patterned maxi dresses, and Missonimade started to take over her wardrobe. Im definitely feelin the Boho vibe look, Keep up the good work Nicole!

And yes, Summer is only just upon us but Nicole Richie is one step ahead, her Fall 2011 collection of Winter Kate and House Of Harlow 1960 have been revieled! The new Winter Kate line stays true to her bohemian style for the Fall 2011. It has incorporated a mix of prints, flowy fitting blouses and luxe velvet..
check out more of this Info on Nicole Richie News !

March 20, 2011


Tulle Jacket
Funktional Sweater
BDG Pants
Steve Madden Wedge
Another week Ends, Another week begins.