March 23, 2011

Style Stalker: Nicole Richie

  Nicole once loved bold colors — the more neon, the better. Hot yellows and pinks dominated her wardrobe in the early 2000s. Then, around 2005, everything changed. Nicole's style got sleeker, less colorful, more hippie-inspired. This change was probably thanks to then-stylist Rachel Zoe. Fur vests, patterned maxi dresses, and Missonimade started to take over her wardrobe. Im definitely feelin the Boho vibe look, Keep up the good work Nicole!

And yes, Summer is only just upon us but Nicole Richie is one step ahead, her Fall 2011 collection of Winter Kate and House Of Harlow 1960 have been revieled! The new Winter Kate line stays true to her bohemian style for the Fall 2011. It has incorporated a mix of prints, flowy fitting blouses and luxe velvet..
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  1. love her style! And how is it possible she looks just as gorgeous with brown hair as she does with blonde?! Not fair!

  2. Thank's, your blog is cool :)
    Excuse my language but I'm French :)

  3. Flippin' adore Nicole Richie!!!! And Winter Kate:)

  4. She's got SUCH great style, love her. LOVE your blog, following you now :)

  5. she's the best. i love and adore her style :)