April 19, 2011

Some Packing Advice Please? : )

Im super excited to take a couple weeks vacation to Europe! And I thought it might be fun to show what I was packing : ) Im obviously not packing very light haha But I have been checking the weather over there often and its so up and down I wasn't sure what season to pack for! 
(Or.. thats just the excuse Im giving myself so I dont feel so ridiculous  haha)
And Please feel free to share some last minute packing advice if anyone 
 has just gotten back recently too!
It would be much appreciated 
: )


  1. I only took one bag, a big bag to europe for a month. And a carry on. Anymore and you will hate it because the rooms are quite small and lugging it around old brick streets and such is not fun. ha.

  2. I forgot you are going! When exactly are you leaving and where are you going?? Because:
    A) I will be in Europe in exactly three weeks
    B) I need to get my hair done before you leave!

  3. omg , i'd like to give you some piece of advise but personally i have always a problem with packing up ;):D


  4. Ohh I love that Jeffrey Campbelll shoes! I've always wanted one but i can't seem to find them anymore =(

    A here's a packing advice for you. To maximize luggage space and to avoid those annoying lines on your clothes try "rolling" your clothes instead of folding them. And if you have rubber bands use them to secure the roll. Packing your clothes this way will give you more room.

    I actually did this when I was about to move to another country and man o man i had to pack a lot of stuff. The rolling instead of folding worked out so well for me at that time.

    Hope this helps!! =) Happy Easter and happy trip!

    Jill Pineda

  5. these items are just soooo great!


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  7. Have fun in Europe <3