July 16, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks

Sorry for the lack of personal look posts lately! I just returned from California a few days ago, But I was able to go to a few awesome stores while I was out there! I purchased this long Tunic from H&M which Im absolutely thrilled about, its such and great piece to keep around in the summer! My Favorite of all favorites I always make time to go to was Free People which is where I purchased my torn shorts! The shoes are a Steve Madden wedge and they go with EVERYthing,  at least I think so considering Im short! ha 
 I dont usually get this excited in summer about shopping, Im generally more of a Fall/Winter fashion fan but Iv really been enjoying the trends this year. I haven't really been sucked into the bright block colors yet.. but we'll see.. ha 


  1. the h&m tunic looks really great


  2. Hey Natalie. Thanks for your comment on my Blog (http://caybroendumsparetime.blogspot.com/) Just visited your Style Crush - Great and good looking stuff to you. Keep it up the good work over there.

    All the best from Copenhagen.